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Paris, the County Seat of Lamar County, is the business, retail and healthcare hub for the surrounding region of Northeast Texas and Southeastern Oklahoma. Located in the central time zone, Paris is strategically situated to serve the 1-35 Corridor and the Southern United States. Sitting midway between the East and West coasts allows easy access to major TX markets and the entire Southern US and Mexico.

Three FORTUNE 500 Companies (Campbell's Soup, Kimberly-Clark, Florida Power & Light dba NextEra) are located in Paris, as well as J. Skinner Baking Co. and Turner Industries.  Paris has an available, skilled workforce, and long-standing partnerships with Paris Junior College to provide specialized and customized industry training. We have an excellent multi-modal transportation network (highways, air, rail). Industrial land and sites are available to meet your needs. Paris has an abundant water supply from Pat Mayse Lake now and in the future. Paris is home to the annual Tour de Paris Bicycle Rally, and our famous landmark the Eiffel Tower stands 65 feet tall with a red cowboy hat. The Paris Economic Development Corporation is waiting to make your location decision quick, easy and enjoyable.The following community profile information is intended to help you perform relevant site selection research on Paris, Texas, and is intended to serve as a starting point.If you do not find all the information that you need in order to make an informed decision about Paris, please contact the Paris Economic Development Corporation office and we will be happy to provide you with the information or data that you require.

Community Profile

Paris Texas 2013 Community Profile

Area Populations

Population of Eleven County Trade Area

County Households Population Population Average HH Income
Lamar, TX 19,416 48,210 $37,593
Delta, TX 1,929 5,238 $37,985
Fannin, TX 11,814 33,659 $42,392
Franklin, TX 4,304 10,660 $41,497
Hopkins, TX 13,303 35,565 $41,863
Hunt, TX 30,756 87,048 $44,361
Red River, TX 5,052 12,470 $31,409
Titus, TX 10,725 32,581 $40,501
Choctaw, OK 6,043 15,045 $30,972
McCurtain, OK 13,078 33,065 $31,319
Pushmataha, OK 4,900 11,233 $32,352
TOTAL TRADE AREA 121,320 325,990 $412,244

Updated 1/2015



State Education Resources

Texas Education Agency,

 Texas Workforce Commission,

 Northeast Texas Workforce Center,





Labor Force


Unemployment Rate






Lamar County









Lamar County









Lamar County









Lamar County




Jan 2015





Lamar County

20,538 5.4%

Feb 2015





Lamar County




Mar 2015





Lamar County



April 2015




Lamar County



May 2015




Lamar County



June 2015



Lamar County

July 2015



Lamar County

Aug 2015



Lamar County

Sept 2015



Lamar County

Oct 2015



Lamar County

Nov 2015




Lamar County

Dec 2015




Lamar County



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Major Industries

Major Industries (2008 Lamar County)
Industry Sector # of Companies # of Jobs in County % of Jobs in County Avg. Annual Wage
Manufacturing 67 4,434 21.7% $48,057
Retail, Accommodation, Food Svc. 273 4,045 19.9% $17,986
Healthcare & Social Services 171 3,184 15.6% $30,612
Construction 114 1,307 6.4% $35,191
Finance, Insurance, Real Estate 107 880 4.3% $27,624
Administrative, Waste Services 50 869 4.3% $24,711
Transportation/Distribution/Logistics 61 759 3.7% $31,318
Professional and Technical Svc's, IT 188 639 3.1% $35,992
Utilities 8 336 1.6% $79,114
Wholesale Trade 54 328 1.6% $40,538
Arts, Entertainment, Recreation 15 129 0.6% $19,927
Total Private Sector 1,108 16,910 82.8% $35,552
Total Education & Public Sector 56 662 3.2% $23,336


Updated 3/2014

Major Employers



# Employees

Campbell Soup

Manufacturing-Food Processing/Production (Soups/Juice/Sauces) 905
Kimberly-Clark Corp. Manufacturing-Paper Products (Disposable Diapers) 730
Turner Industries Manufacturing-Metal Fabrication (Pipe Products) 720
Paris Regional Medical Center Healthcare (Two Hospital Campuses) 700
Paris ISD Education (K-12 Public School) 618
North Lamar ISD Education (K-12 Publlic School) 480
RK Hall Construction Construction (Highway & Bridge Contract/Asphalt Products) 299
City of Paris Government 308
Paris Junior College Education (Two-Year Junior College) 240
Lamar County Government 194
Huhtamaki Manufacturing (Paper Cartons) 180
We Pack Logistics, Inc. Transportation/Distribution/Logistics (Product Packaging, Warehousing & Distribution 150
J. Skinner Baking Co. Manufacturing-Sweet Baking Goods (Sweet & Cinnamon Rolls, Croissants, Pizza Dough, etc) 95
Silgan Can Company

Manufacturing (aluminum cans)

Daisy Farms Dairy 115
HWH/We Build Gen. Construction/site selection/design services 75
Rodgers Wade Fixtures & Millwork 73
T&K Machine Manufacturing (aircraft machined parts) 64
NextEra Energy Resources-Lamar Power Partners (Florida Power & Light) Utilities 33
Potters Industries Leading produceer of engineering of glass materials servicing the oil and gas industry, polymer additives, highway safety, metal finishing and conductive partical markets with at least 51% of its sales being otuisde of the local Paris, Texas economy 38

  Updated 5/2015


Industrial Growth / History


Paris has created a local pro-business environment to encourage growth in their residential, industrial and retail sectors. The community is home to several large industrial and manufacturing companies including Kimberly Clark and Campbell Soup. Paris is also gaining market share in warehousing and logistics and supply. The City of Paris has partnered with the Paris Economic Development Corporation to represent a proactive community that understands the necessity of public/private partnerships and strategic incentives in today's economic climate.

Source: Paris Market Assessment / Retail Attractions, LLC




Financial Incentives

Financial Incentives: Cash, Tax Abatements, Exemptions and Related Programs

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PEDC Staff will assist your company with all of the following programs to maximize the financial incentives for your company.  Each project is unique, and PEDC will consider and pursue a variety of options, for example: direct loans (can be bank subordinate), loan guarantees, interest rate write downs, site development costs, including extension of utilities, cash grants for job creation, rent subsidies, build-to-suit with lease-back or purchase options, customized job training, loans with forgiveness based on job creation, reimbursement of relocation expenses, and other options subject to negotiation.  Typical incentives include the following:

Pro-Business Climate Because of a pro-business attitude, Texas has limited the number of state controls and taxes in regulating the activities of business. Texas is a right-to-work State, and has no personal or corporate income tax, nor a state property tax.
Tax Abatements The City of Paris has a proven track record of negotiating tax abatements for up to 10 years for new and expanding industries.  In addition, Lamar County and Paris Jr. College will consider local tax abatements for projects with significant job creation and private capital investment.  Read the official Tax Abatement Criteria here.
Local Cash Incentive for Job Creation The citizens of Paris adopted a ¼ cent sales tax as an incentive assistance program to facilitate industrial locations and expansions.  This program is administered directly by the Paris Economic Development Corporation.
Industrial Dev. Bonds PEDC has a history of providing industrial development bonds as a viable alternative for financing industrial expansion and construction.
Skills Development Fund An incentive to relocating or expanding businesses through Texas community and technical colleges and workforce boards to provide customized assessment and training services to business in a timely, efficient and responsive manner.
Enterprise Zone Depending on the exact site location, Paris is a qualified Enterprise Zone (EZ).  If your development or revitalization project is located in the EZ, the City of Paris can approve partial or deferred payment of sales and use taxes for qualified purchases, leases, or rentals.  Specifically, the EZ provides sales and use tax rebates on machinery and equipment, building materials, labor for the rehabilitation of existing buildings, and electricity and natural gas purchases.  The EZ also provides priority job training, and other preferential treatment on state and federal programs.  The tax refund is $2,000 for each permanent job the project creates or retains during the five year designation period.  Qualifying projects may also be eligible for franchise tax reduction, property tax abatement and other regulatory relief.
Freeport Law Tax Exemptions Article VIII, Section 1 of the Texas Constitution has been amended to allow real and personal property to be tax-exempt (city, county and school districts.)  All goods, wares, merchandise, other than tangible personal property (inventory) acquired in or imported into Texas to be forwarded outside this state, which is detained for storing, assembling, manufacturing, processing, or fabricating in Texas for 175 days or less, may be tax exempt.
Financial Services Local financial services companies in Paris and Lamar County are committed to the economic growth of the region through aggressive commercial and industrial development.  Paris is currently served by seven commercial banks, two savings & loan associations, and has access to mortgage bankers, and other creative financial services.
SBA and Other Loan Programs Small business loans are available through the SBA 504 program.  Up to 40% of total cost can be provided in the form of subordinate debt to SBA for most fixed asset projects at interest cost of 2 to 3% below market for periods of 15-25 years.  This type of financing can provide 90% of the long-term financing needs of a small business.  Also available are the SBA 7(A) Loan Guarantee program, the FmHA, Paris’ local Revolving Loan Fund, various programs of the ArkTex Council of Governments, and the Texas Leverage Fund.



Of the population in the Paris secondary trade, 49.80% is engaged in white collar occupations, with 17.40% in professional occupations and another 10.40% in management, business and financial operations. Of the population in the Paris secondary trade, 50.20% is engaged in blue collar occupations with 11.20% in construction and maintenance and 18.10% in production and transport.

Source: Paris Retail Market Assessment / 2013 Secondary Trade / Retail Attractions, LLC

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Updated 2/2014


Local Tax Rates (2014-2015)  
Corporate Franchise Tax The State of Texas recently made changes to the Corporate Franchise Tax, see: .
Sales and Use Tax See: for more information.  
Total Rate 8.25%
       State 6.25%
       City 1.5%
       County .5%
2014 Real & Personal Property (Ad Valorem) Taxes  See: for more information.  
  City $0.50195
  County $0.4264
  Paris Jr. College $0.1866
  Paris Ind. School District $1.4550
  Other taxing entities: Chisum ISD $1.1850; North Lamar ISD $1.1075; Prairiland ISD $1.1695



Updated 10/2014


The following topic is dedicated the Transportation related information in and around Paris, Texas. 











Paris Regional Medical Center has recently completed its long awaited Northward Bound Project, a project estimated at approximately $20 million. Now all acute care services have been consolidated to the North Campus location, 865 Deshong Drive, Paris, 75462.

Senior Transitions (behavioral health), the Auxillary Gift Shop and most of Paris Regional Medical Center business services continue to be on the South Campus location, 820 Clarksville Street. There are also physician offices, outpatient cardio- rehabilitation, outpatient comprehensive wound care, PrimeTime Senior Citizens Center located in other buildings close to the South Campus location.


For more information contact Paris EDC for assistance.







Retail Market Information for Paris and Lamar County

MARKET AREA DESCRIPTION - The total retail marketing area served by Paris merchants is an approximate 50-mile radius around the city.  As residents of this region come to Paris for much of their employment, medical, governmental, and educational needs, they are also attracted to Paris for retail merchandise and services.

The following report was updated in 2013 and includes data for the primary and secondary trade area for Paris & Lamar County.  Click here to read a detailed market assessment for Paris, Texas Retail.




Updated 2/2014